Protecting your files makes it difficult for people to alter the content within those files. Since we cannot always track how far these files go, we can control what others can do with our PDFs.

Unless you take proactive steps to lock a PDF, anyone with a PDF editor can edit the document easily. PDF protection is more than just keeping information private; it’s crucial for business and remote workflows.

We’ve explained the best reasons to secure a PDF and how you can do that with Lumin PDF. Read on to find out.

Why do you need to secure a PDF?

PDFs are the most straightforward files to create and share these days, but this stirs up a security concern: how safe are PDFs for business operations?

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Unless you understand why you need to secure a PDF, you may never install measures to protect your business files. Here are some valid reasons to protect yours.

Stop unwanted sharing

People save their documents in PDF because it’s the default document format and so easy to share. But if you leave your PDFs open, anyone can use or share them. For instance, if you sell ebooks in PDF file formats, you’ll need to secure them so that people who buy books from you cannot share them with others. PDF security ensures that even if buyers can view the content, they cannot share it.

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Restrict access

Limiting access to documents is essential to organizational workflows. Due to organizational hierarchy, not all documents distributed in the workplace are accessible to everyone. So, anyone who creates and shares PDF files in the office should set encryption measures to restrict access to authorized persons only. Also, internal documents still undergoing reviews should be locked to prevent data leaks, security breaches, and misappropriation.

Build credibility and trust

Clients want to feel secure in their relationship with you, so you need to offer full confidential services where necessary. Securing files that you send to clients contributes to developing credibility and trust in your brand. Installing security when sending or receiving documents will help you manage their personal records, financial data, and other intellectual property.

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5 ways to secure a PDF file

Let’s briefly consider the most effective ways a secure PDF converter can protect your documents.

Password security

A PDF password can prevent anyone from opening the document, and you can also use a password to disable editing, copying, and printing functions on the PDF file. Passwords are the simplest means of locking a PDF file. Like any encryption method, PDF password protection limits access to only those with the passwords. If you want minimal security on your documents, secure them with passwords before distributing them.


A watermark is a transparent text or image superimposed across the pages of a file to prevent unauthorized copying or duplication. Adding a watermark to a PDF is one smart way to protect your files. Businesses can also use watermarks to prevent data leaks when their files are going around in the office. Many PDF editing software offers an easy-to-use watermark tool so you can add them to files quickly.

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Disable copying and printing

One of the ways to secure PDF files you share over the internet is to disable indiscriminate copying and printing. That way, whoever gets a hold of your documents without your permission won’t be able to do anything with them. In extreme cases, you can pair other security features with this no-copy-or-print option.

Digital signatures

PDF tools introduced digital signatures as a stricter mode of securing PDF files. A digital signature encrypts the file by enabling you to lock PDF documents with a trusted digital ID. This unique ID recognizes you as the sole owner of the document and provides proof of authentication. Digital signature certificates are obtainable with enterprise-level tools like Adobe Acrobat DC.

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Use secure PDF encryption software

Finally, don’t just use any online PDF converter until you’re sure they installed protocols to secure PDF data. Protecting client information and trade secrets are essential to business growth, so make sure you’re using tools that support this vision. If you’re looking for a more secure PDF option, Lumin PDF is a fine place to start.

3 tools to help you secure your PDF file with Lumin PDF

An unprotected PDF file can be a significant business risk. To avoid this, use any of these top tools you can deploy on Lumin PDF to secure your files in seconds.

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Password protect

As a rule of thumb, business owners should not store files containing critical information without securing passwords. This is the simplest way to keep your files safe on your device or the cloud.

Fortunately, Lumin PDF allows you to password-protect a PDF with ease. Anyone without the passwords cannot crack and access the document, and you prevent any illegitimate copying, printing, and sharing.

Digital copies

PDF document security also comes in handy in cases of data loss. Let’s say your computer hard drive crashes, or you lose your documents in an unforeseen disaster. Creating digital copies of your files and saving them on the cloud is a backup plan for such times.

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Cloud-based storage tools like Dropbox or Google Drive allow you to access files saved on them from any device, provided you have access to the account. Lumin PDF allows you to manage, edit, and store documents on the cloud, which is a helpful way to recover files you lost on your device.

eSignature tool

Printing paperwork before you sign and scan requires the sender to leave the file open. As a security-conscious business owner, you need to adopt ways for clients to sign sensitive documents without compromising their confidentiality.

Lumin PDF’s eSignature tool is another exceptional tool for people to provide electronic signatures on a document without printing them. Next time you do business, ask the client to sign digitally over the document so you can maintain its security.

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Developing a security-conscious approach to business documents is a good skill for long-term success. It saves you the headaches of security breaches, dragging copyright offenders to court, and losing your clients. What’s more exciting about PDF protection software is that you can control how you encrypt PDF files while complying with regulations.

Lumin PDF already offers the best security tools on their editing software – you only choose what’s appropriate for the PDFs you create. With password protection and eSign tools for locking files, you can sleep with both eyes closed after a day’s business.

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