Bybit is a new peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency derivatives exchange attempting to make a name for itself in the expanding margin/leverage trading market for cryptocurrencies. Even though it was only established in March 2018, Bybit is already gaining favor with the cryptocurrency trading community and adding new users at a remarkable rate. The most accurate cryptocurrency trading signals are produced using technological and fundamental analyses. You can also create your signals with trading indicators, but they are much more qualified. The tactic also lies in knowing which indicators are most pertinent to your situation out of the dozens you can use to create these signals. Traders Union presents a short Bybit review and best crypto signals for you.

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Bybit Pros and Cons

Bybit is a trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform designed for leveraged and spot trading. The advanced charting and trading terminal, which is cutting-edge, stylish, and appropriate for all traders and trading strategies, is the heart of Bybit’s best features. For new users who want to buy only cryptocurrency, the feature-rich framework can be confusing. The number of crypto assets bought on the spot exchange is also limited, but new crypto coins are constantly added. The fact that Bybit is not accessible in the USA is another drawback that could be addressed. Due to stringent government regulations, Bybit, a derivatives platform, is not endorsed in the United States. In addition, there is a restriction that prevents people from the USA from opening accounts to trade leveraged markets.

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Best Crypto Signals


  • 4C Trading Signal

Despite being a newcomer to the market, 4C Trading Signal has received genuinely favorable feedback from customers who have traded cryptocurrency prospects using their signals. This makes the platform ideal for users who require signals to trade futures on the FTX and Binance exchanges, primarily using API keys. The team, based in Belgium, offers short- to long-term signals that assist in automating trades using a smart bot. Additionally, the group offers crypto margin trading signals.


  • CoinSignals

CoinSignals offers cryptocurrency trading signals that can be automated using bots, AI, and machine learning. The bot runs on Telegram. The group offers Binance trading signals using a scalping algorithm, USDT signals for Bittrex traders, BTC, and USD trading signals, and short- and medium-term signals based on technical analysis by experienced traders. All signals are posted on the Telegram group, and members can trade either manually or automatically using bots. The benefits from signals range from 133% to 467%, according to their website. In order to locate the trading signals, the system will search exchanges. Most suitable for those seeking free cryptocurrency signals or free cryptocurrency trading signals.

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  • CryptoAlarm

One of the oldest companies in the industry is the one that offers paid crypto signals; it was founded in 2017. The eight-person team develops the paid crypto trading signals they communicate with users using artificial intelligence tools, advisors, seasoned analysts, and traders. On Telegram, the signals are distributed. On the exchanges for Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini,, and Binance.US, the signals can be used or implemented for auto-trading.


  • org

The team behind, founded in 2014 and has a Telegram channel where they post buy and sell signals for cryptocurrencies, is made up of experienced cryptocurrency traders. They provide you with real-time advice on which trades to execute through their licenced partner brokers and on how to make money off of those trade suggestions. The group also collaborates with, Crypto Rocket, and Etoro so that customers can receive complimentary VIP signals when making Etoro deposits. Three times a week, they only send real-time signals via their Telegram channel, and each one includes instructions on how to execute the trade through the broker. Every package offers 2 to 3 daily crypto trading signals.

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  • FatPigSignals

FatPigSignals, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a credible option for those seeking trustworthy crypto trading signals on Telegram, and their team of experts is ready to serve you. The service provides short-term, and long-term asset management tools in addition to trading signals for the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, ByBit, and Bitmex’s margin trading platform. Each signal comes with an explanation of how it was arrived at through technical analysis. Furthermore, the team’s target success rate is 25%, and the signal success rate is between 82% and 90%.


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